Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated internationally to commemorate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women around the world. It is also a day to remember the struggles women face and honour the accomplishments they have made.

In honour of this day, ELLE South Africa has compiled a list of inspirational quotes from phenomenal women around the globe: http://www.elle.co.za/celebrating-international-womens-day/

ELLE South Africa_InternationalWomensDay


ELLE France’s Special issue, following the Paris attacks

ELLE Special Issue

French ELLE pays tribute to the Paris attacks’ victims and their loved ones, and to every person who has been affected by those attacks.

In this issue, ELLE speaks about “after”… a real hymn to life. Thirty celebritiesshout” their love of Paris and the French way of life. The magazine celebrates freedom of thought and action, carelessness, joy and love.

Discover also the latest news on the investigation after the dramas, as well as touching testimonials.

The ELLE France’s tribute to Charlie Hebdo

Une ELLE Charlie

For this issue, ELLE France decided not to run a photograph on the cover of the magazine. Instead, ELLE decided to run an illustration by Soledad, their emblematic illustrator, who gave them the honor of running some illustrations that they are publishing this week, one of which is this dove, who holds not just a pencil in it’s beak, but so much hope. Hope for our families, for our children. For tomorrow.
In an homage to all of the victims, a special report was constructed around exclusive illustrations and reactions from French personalities (Isabelle Adjani, Elisabeth Badinter, Emmanuelle Béart, Claude Halmos…). Continue reading “The ELLE France’s tribute to Charlie Hebdo”