ELLE Mexico: Working Girls Day

ELLE Mexico launches the first fashion workshop in the country: Working Girls Day!

ELLE Mexico_Working Girls Day

On October 3rd 2014, in one of the most emblematic museums of Mexico, the event will bring together experts and women who wants to become outstanding in their work work.

The workshop will cover topics such as “How to convince in 10 minutes”, “Logistics to achieve all your goals” or also “Job coaching”… among others. The ELLE Editors will also give a tutorial called “Make it work”, on how to create the best looks according to different types of jobs.

The event will be accessible to women who have subscribed to a package including a subscription to ELLE magazine, with 3 different offers.

ELLE Women In Society in South Africa

WISELLE South Africa launched the Women In Society property in 2014 in timing with ELLE International’s global survey on women’s status in society. The worldwide survey, The Happiness Index, sets a precedent for our commitment to South African women – to celebrate, commend and create a voice for female game changers, talented individuals and local initiatives across a wide and varied spectrum of industries. Our plan is to conceive and develop conferences, panel discussions, real and online live debates that provoke conversation, create awareness and strengthen our closeness and interaction with women in South Africa.

Read more : http://elle.co.za/category/the-female-factor/

Women in Society : the ELLE International Survey

Happiness and you: give us your feedback!

Are you confident regarding your future? What is your greatest source of happiness? In your professional life, do you feel discriminated as a woman?

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, ELLE decided to give you the floor. Fill out a survey on your idea of ​​happiness and your vision of women’s place in Society, and take part in a global initiative. To participate, simply answer the questionnaire below.

All international editions of ELLE are participating in this major operation to collect a range of current states of readers around the world on the situation of women. This survey is part of the ELLE commitment towards women and aims to better understand their concerns.

Stay tuned for the results!


ELLE Active in France

Women at work: ELLE France commits itself!

Women are still faced with increasing difficulty in the workplace vis-a-vis men. Therefore in 2011, in order to help them, ELLE France has created the “ELLE Active”.

LOGO ELLE ACTIVEThrough this initiative, ELLE aims to encourage the success of women, allowing them to realize their potential, develop their efficiency, and support them in their concerns of professional and salarial equity.

2014: Ambition mission

On April 4th, at the headquarter of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council in Paris, ELLE France organises the Forum of the Active Women.

Through meetings, debates, coaching and networking, ELLE Active breaks the taboos and gives women the keys to success!



The ELLE Foundation, France

Logo Fond.N ELLE.R


El Camino
© El Camino – 2010 – Mexique

“The history of ELLE is a story of women.

Fighting for their place, defending their rights and asserting their role in society… These values have been the fundamental goals pursued by the magazine’s founder, Hélène Lazareff.

The ELLE Foundation, created in 2004 by the Lagardère Active Group in France, reflects those exalted objectives, still relevant today as they were in the past, by pursuing them beyond the pages of our magazine and editorial columns.

There is a relationship between us and our readers that does not stop at words or ideas, but which continues to be made, whenever and wherever we are able to encourage the emancipation of women.”

3 Ladies
© Alexandre Isard pour ELLE Solidarité Mode – Fondation ELLE – 2004

For women’s and girls emancipation through education

“Educating girls is the basis for progress in our modern societies. Education has taught us to respect ourselves as well as others, to take charge of our lives and defend our values. Through the ELLE Foundation, we wish to further these values and offer them to women who need them the most all around the world.” These were Valérie Toranian’s words when she announced the creation of the ELLE Foundation.

The ELLE Foundation is headed by an Executive Board, which ascertains the strategy and development of the foundation. Valérie Toranian, ELLE Editor in chief, is the President of the foundation. Karine Guldemann, Chief representative, and Chloé Freoa, Projects Manager, daily runs the ELLE Foundation.

It provides funding for projects submitted by NGOs. The projects have to be approved by an Executive Committee that is convened twice a year to select suitable projects. Geographical criteria are not the main issue and the Foundation tries, as far as possible, to work with one partner in each country. The geographical areas are chosen according to the political, social and economical contexts. The projects are selected with regards to their specificity and innovative quality.

It supports all programs aiming to increasing the independence of mothers through informal education, vocational training and social rehabilitation. It supports all initiatives that enable them to send their daughters to school.

It promotes the creation of information networks and tools for women.

It primarily focuses its action in countries where educating girls is the key to long-term economic growth. Among its projects, ELLE Solidarité Mode : An annual national contest which allows three female students from French underprivileged territories to undertake fashion design studies in Paris.

An other one is ROZ, implemented by Afghanistan Libre. Since its creation in 2002, the ELLE Foundation supports the publication and the development of one of the very first Afghan women’s magazine. Nearly 10 years after its birth, the ELLE Foundation supports more than 60 programs implemented by international NGOs, in almost 25 countries.

Contacts :
Karine Guldemann, and Chloé Freoa
Tel. + 33 1 41 34 74 18

ELLE Works! in Spain

Presentacion ELLE Works1ELLE Spain launched an initiative called ELLE Works! A new project dedicated to working matters. A new supplement with practical and useful information to find a job or change it despite the crisis.

EL325supw_aqui_Page_1As you probably know, Spain has a very high unemployment rate, affecting 25% of the active population and this problem worries a lot our readers who are concerned about the lack of jobs, how and where to get a work, how to start a new business… Working matters really matter.
That’s why we, ELLE Spain, launched a work-oriented supplement, inside the magazine, together with two initiatives: The ELLE Talent Project and The ELLE Talks. We wanted to launch a positive and motivating message and give useful solutions: how to dress to impress during an interview, how to prepare a video CV, how to network, how to make the most of social media, how to face an interview and succeed! … Everything, with an ELLE twist!

EL325supw_caeras_Page_1“There are job vacancies here!” was the title of the main story. We turned into head-hunters and gathered more than 2.500 jobs from big national and international brands, adding all the details and requirements to apply for those jobs. We counted with challenging and outstanding brands such as L’Oréal, Coca Cola, Inditex, Mango, Loewe, Google, Yahoo, Sheraton, Reebok, Starwood, vente-privées.

Another section of the supplement focused on the digital universe, a world that is getting more and  more vital in job searching: the new mantra is “be social!”
We interviewed highly qualified experts in order to mentor our readers of how to be successful, think out of the box and be happy at work. Our motto is : “hire an attitude, train the aptitude”. You can skill people up, you can train people, but you can’t change their character. And across the board, the great majority of companies share this new vision and they look for people who are awake and add value.

The ELLE Talent Project

Capture d’écran 2014-03-05 à 18.14.17

Unemployment is even worse when looking at young people: in Spain, one out of two is not working. So, we decided to send a positive message and give the opportunity to our youngest readers to make their dreams come true and launched a competition rewarding talent, The ELLE Talent Project. People registered on our website and sent a viable project concerning fashion, beauty or design. The winner receives 25,000 euros to start the project and an MBA, valued at 30, 000 euros, at the IE Business School : the top three business school in the world, according to The Financial Times. In this way, we gave the winner both financial and educational support.

ELLE Talks

Talks Gourmet 5 ELLE turns into a creative lab and created the ELLE Talks: a modern cycle of micro conferences of ten minutes each. It’s a new think tank: ten minutes of magic to spread empowering ideas trying to change the world or at least make us happier.
We give power to words and listen to the most brilliant people and again, send an inspiring and positive message to the society: think out of the box, without any fear and wide your mind. The goal is to build a great community of expertises, exchange ideas and bring together the most valuable minds from multiple fields : fashion, art, education, technology, science, literature…

We already organized 3 editions:
– The first one was dedicated to the Working universe, spreading important values such as talent, passion, determination, creativity, innovation, failure, motivation, bravery…
– The second one to Luxury: adding something new to shining luxe. We targeted at defining the new luxury: time, experience, craftsmanship, authenticity, made to measure…
– And the third one to the Gourmet world, in this moment of foodie fever.

The audience? A lot of celebrities, readers, PR managers and advertisers. And more Talks are coming, with new focuses : Fitness, Fashion, Street-style, Social networks… stay tuned!

ELLE Spain