ELLE Mexico: Working Girls Day

ELLE Mexico launches the first fashion workshop in the country: Working Girls Day!

ELLE Mexico_Working Girls Day

On October 3rd 2014, in one of the most emblematic museums of Mexico, the event will bring together experts and women who wants to become outstanding in their work work.

The workshop will cover topics such as “How to convince in 10 minutes”, “Logistics to achieve all your goals” or also “Job coaching”… among others. The ELLE Editors will also give a tutorial called “Make it work”, on how to create the best looks according to different types of jobs.

The event will be accessible to women who have subscribed to a package including a subscription to ELLE magazine, with 3 different offers.

“Women in Society” in Japan!

ELLE Japon Celebrates its 25th Anniversary by Hosting Event to Encourage Working Women!

10439431_729112647131764_3723931229153776347_nOn Saturday June 14, ELLE Japon hosted the first ever “Women in Society” talk show event to celebrate the magazine’s 25th anniversary. The event took place at Roppongi Academyhills, attracting over 500 women. ELLE Japon editor-in-chief Kaori Tsukamoto introduced the event by saying, “People may be surprised at ELLE Japon hosting such an event. One of the missions of ELLE magazine, which began in France after the Second World War, was to join forces with readers to show women ways to master employment, marriage and childbirth. This event continues that tradition.”

Women at the forefront of a range of fields from both Japan and overseas came together in the auditorium of the main venue to discuss women’s working lives and lifestyles from different perspectives. Staff from ELLE Japon, ELLE ONLINE and ELLE Shop as well as sponsor companies facilitated workshops on various aspects of women’s working lifestyles, such as workplace fashion and makeup techniques. ELLE archives including the first French edition and other items of interest were on display, fostering a lively atmosphere.

The inaugural edition of ELLE was launched in France in 1945 as a magazine supporting employment and social advancement for women who wanted to make their own choices. This was the same year that women in France earned the right to vote. ELLE Japon, inheriting the ELLE vision to “open your appetites!” will continue to empower women with initiatives focusing on the theme of “women and work.”

Quotes about “Women in Society” (in order of appearance, summarized)

Believe in yourself. Be open to the world.”
Adriana Carneiro Ribeiro, Vice-President, LCV Quality, Renault S.A.S.

It’s important to have a sound business model. I think cool business judgment is extremely important (for social initiatives as well).”
Emmy Suzuki Harris, Campaigns Director Japan, change.org

I try to use data to demonstrate growth (to sustain motivation).”
Reina Otsuka, Founder and CEO, eco+waza, Japan

In Japan, 90% of children who are unable to live with their parents live in a facility for infants, or in an orphanage. It’s insane. Children have a right to have a family.”
Kanae Doi, Japan Director, Human Rights Watch

To actively participate in the world, you need to learn to:
Be confident, be curious and share different experiences.”
Valérie Toranian, Editor-in-chief of the French edition of ELLE magazine

Hone your own individual skills, power up your communication, accustom yourself to an environment of diversity.”
Yukio Tomikura, Chief Editor, COURRiER Japon

I juggle child-raising with my husband and my work.”
Yuka Itaya, Actress

A base that feels like skin. Eyes that show purpose. That’s makeup for success.”
RIKA, Makeup artist

My hope is that we can all value ourselves, not for the value society places on us – but for our unique knowledge, experiences and gifts.”
Cameron Russell, Top model and founder of Interrupt magazine

Because life has become so convenient (with smartphones and so on), you really need to be careful about how you use your time. Such as setting a time after which you don’t check your email…It helps in maintaining a good work/life balance too.”
Naho Kono, Executive Officer, Rakuten

People say that being a woman is a disadvantage, but I think you’re blessed if you think you’re lucky to be a woman! Sometimes, you may think you got an important assignment because you are a woman, but it is better to step up with a positive attitude.”
Yukiko Muto, President, OpenTable K.K.

What I want to say is ‘Say no to compromise!’ You’ll always regret making compromises.”
Miki Iwamura, CMO of Google Japan, Marketing Director for Asia Pacific at Google

A very successful 1st edition!

Find out here a short report video of the event:

Touche Pas à Ma Pote, by ELLE Belgium

Impression“Zero tolerance for racism is great, how about the equally crucial battle: zero tolerance for sexism. Challenging people, getting them talking and thinking, and gently getting things moving, that’s where we come in.” –Beatrice Ercolini, Editor-in-Chief, ELLE Belgium

WHAT? Originally a campaign speaking out against street harassment and everyday sexism, TPAMP was launched by ELLE Belgium and rapidly evolved into a full-fledged independent Non-profit, headquartered in Europe’s capital. Today, it enjoys the support of many committed women including three ministers.

WHY? Because street harassment and rampant sexist attitudes is a violent thing, and we can’t let women fight this enormous wave of violence alone. This is why TPMAP advocates awareness campaigns (or runs them!), educational efforts, special sanctions, and advocates for laws against sexism.

HOW? Borrowing that iconic little yellow hand from a French mid-80’s anti-racism campaign (SOS Racism) was no random choice. This icon positions our campaign from the get-go:  we’re talking zero tolerance for sexism, just like zero tolerance for racism. The Non-profit has now gone national with its own Dutch slogan “Handen af! Stop seksime.”

And yet, several victories

Capture d’écran 2014-03-05 à 19.22.53

Since its inception, the “Touche Pas A Ma Pote” Association has advocated four things:

–  Awareness towards women victimized by harassment and awareness of perpetuators of harassment.

–  Educational campaigns, because today’s kids are tomorrow’s adults.

–  Sanctions for offenders because, despite being nowhere near tough enough, they do help get the message through.

–  Legislation, since existing laws to curb racism forbid you from calling me a filthy chink but there is no legislation in place to punish those who call a woman a ho, in the street.

Here is what has been accomplished in one year.

“Our objective is to fight public harassment and step out against every day, rampant sexism. Let’s do something about it because it is all around us, in the workplace and in our very city streets. And for goodness’ sake, let’s stop lowering our gaze.”

Beatrice Ercolini, Editor-in-Chief, ELLE Belgium

Belgium FR : http://www.elle.be/fr/

Belgium FL : http://www.elle.be/nl/

*Dutch, like French is one of the most-spoken, official languages in Belgium.

ELLE Active Forum 2014, France

ELLE ActiveOne day in support of Women’s ambition: on April 4th, the 3rd edition of the ELLE Active Forum, organised by ELLE France, took place at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council headquarters in Paris.
Debates, meetings, workshops and conferences, with 180 stakeholders… everything was at hand to boost women’s careers and aid in managing their professional goals.
More than 2,500 women participated to the event!

More information: http://www.elle.fr/Societe/Le-travail/Faire-bouger-les-choses/ELLE-Active-le-4-avril-affirmez-vos-ambitions-2669142

ELLE Japan special event on Women in Society!

Major Seminar Supporting Working Women to Celebrate ELLE Japon’s 25th Anniversary – 500 guests to Roppongi Academyhills on Saturday June 14

WIS logo JapanSince ever, ELLE pages have always carried the message that it was important for women to be confident and to participate actively in society.

As part of the celebrations of ELLE’s 25 years in Japan and in keeping with this message, ELLE Japon will host the seminar “Women in Society” in support of working women on Saturday June 14 at Roppongi Academyhills.

Numerous guests, both local and international, will speak in support of women. Prominent speakers will include Victoria’s Secret model Cameron Russell, a social activist whose TED Talk caused quite a stir, the Editor-in-chief of the French edition of ELLE Valerie Toranian, active business people from companies such as Renault, Rakuten and Google, and social entrepreneurs.

As a part of this anniversary initiative, the June issue of ELLE Japon, available from Monday April 28, features brilliant, vibrant women from around the world who are passionate about their work. ELLE remains committed to supporting women who live their lives with an avid sense of curiosity.

A special website commemorating the 25th anniversary of ELLE Japon launches on Wednesday, June 4. In addition to an ELLE magazine retrospective, archived content from ELLE France edition and messages from young creators from around the world will be supplemented by anniversary year event news and other information to add a frisson of excitement to this significant anniversary year.


ELLE Women In Society in South Africa

WISELLE South Africa launched the Women In Society property in 2014 in timing with ELLE International’s global survey on women’s status in society. The worldwide survey, The Happiness Index, sets a precedent for our commitment to South African women – to celebrate, commend and create a voice for female game changers, talented individuals and local initiatives across a wide and varied spectrum of industries. Our plan is to conceive and develop conferences, panel discussions, real and online live debates that provoke conversation, create awareness and strengthen our closeness and interaction with women in South Africa.

Read more : http://elle.co.za/category/the-female-factor/

Sor’ELLE d’Europa 2013, from ELLE Italy

logoIn 2013, Sisters of Italy welcomed Sisters of Europe, an overview of the main women topics. Back to fight! Career, welfare, violence, maternity and work-life balance, artificial reproduction rights and freedom of choice. They all were included and developed in The White Book presented by Elle to Italian government three years ago. Since then nothing happened in Italy. That’s why, starting from April issue, we’ve been telling you which are the women-friendly countries in Europe.

By Alessandra Pon, Senior Lifestyle and Special Features Editor of ELLE Italy

APRIL “We’re not Atlas” Women are bearing the crisis burden and making up for missing welfare program. Soon they won’t make it anymore as a consequence of the temporary employment increasing.

“Stop the violence” Spain is the country that declared war to violence against women stronger and better than others by fighting its stems (stereotypes, behaviors, discriminations) and refunding the victims. It’s hard to say no to abuses and mistreatments but good laws can help: the rate of women murdered by men dramatically dropped in just a few years.

Capture d’écran 2014-03-05 à 19.48.46MAY “Baby’s coming…let’s move up North” Northern European countries set a strong financial commitment to maternity. The task-sharing works. Dads in Stockholm and Helsinki take proudly their parental leave. We Italians should keep up with Europe, economists say. Look at these puzzling stories: an Italian engineer who lives in Sweden and took a four months parental leave and an Italian mum who lives in Finland and is dreamlike supported better than in her home country.

“Mums and dads in Europe” Which are the most family-friendly countries in Europe? Sweden, Norway and Finland stand out as the largest investors while Austria is ranked first for the amount of parental leave weeks. What about Italy? It comes in 11th place out of 15.

“A baby? It’s better in North” Forget The Big Chill. Finnish government pampers its mums and even care for organic nappies. In Sweden only a few dads don’t spend their parental leave in looking after their baby. Even employers realize that juggling paps and tantrums improves some skills. Which ones? The conflict management, for instance.

JUNE “Baby’s not coming” The third episode of Elle’s mission trip in European most women-friendly countries is all about fertilization techniques. Every year 4 thousands couples travel abroad because of Law 40 bans. That’s why the famous gynaecologist Carlo Flamigni sounds the alarm: ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) procedures shouldn’t be a privilege. As to adoption, Holland and France have something to teach us.

Capture d’écran 2014-03-05 à 19.49.29“The French Revolution” France gets to the heart of the hot matter. Under a new law, gay couple may adopt and marry and soon get at ART procedures. A new Civil Code is born: no longer mums or dads but simply parents.

JULY “The best school” What really helps women today? Education. As a child they can express their talent at their best, then fulfill it at work. As a mum they should be helped out in nursing their children. In Italy there are few outstanding nursery schools, afterwards the excellence is missing. Human capital improvement is more and more important. Here lies our future.

“It’s a cakewalk” Science has always been a male-dominated world. Are women scientists less influential? Two university women professors debunk this myth and turn the tide. The neuroscientist Alice Mado Proverbio says: Don’t underestimate yourself. The aerospace engineer Amalia Finzi restates: We need successful role models.

“Mums’ nursery” Baby Loup in Paris suburbs is a paradise island for working mums: a nursery school open 24/7.

OCTOBER “Women versus work” Italy versus Europe in 10 questions” Less and less women in the workforce implies decline that means low birthrate i.e. consumption drop. A vicious circle that hurts everyone in Italy. Two economists at Bocconi University examine the differences between Italy and Europe and focus on solutions.

“He the loser, she the winner?” This is the good news: female employment rate is growing. This is the bad news: it’s rising because of male unemployment. Men lose their job and the plot. Here you have three topical stories: a hotel manager once I.T. graduated who migrated from Eritrea; an unwilling stay-at-home mum once architect; a manager assistant and breadwinner mother.

Capture d’écran 2014-03-05 à 19.51.40

NOVEMBER “Being a woman and a worker doesn’t pay off” The Gender pay gap. In Italy, according to a recent survey, working mums are paid less than men and the best educated ones struggle to climb career ladder. Yet pay equity is almost reached in Denmark.

 “Because I’m worth it!” Women’s earnings are lower than men’s already at kick off. Poor self-esteem and missing meritocracy are crucial factor but we can fill the gap according to five human resources managers.

DECEMBER “What about gender quotas? They work!” In Italy the number of women members of management boards has almost doubled in less than 18 months, thanks to a challenging law (the so-called Golfo-Mosca Law) that sounds: make better and more efficient use of available resources, that are women.

“The ten thousands charge” That’s the number of women expected to get on Italian boards by 2015. The Lady Manager Revolution is on.

Alessandra Pon


ELLE Active in France

Women at work: ELLE France commits itself!

Women are still faced with increasing difficulty in the workplace vis-a-vis men. Therefore in 2011, in order to help them, ELLE France has created the “ELLE Active”.

LOGO ELLE ACTIVEThrough this initiative, ELLE aims to encourage the success of women, allowing them to realize their potential, develop their efficiency, and support them in their concerns of professional and salarial equity.

2014: Ambition mission

On April 4th, at the headquarter of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council in Paris, ELLE France organises the Forum of the Active Women.

Through meetings, debates, coaching and networking, ELLE Active breaks the taboos and gives women the keys to success!