Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated internationally to commemorate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women around the world. It is also a day to remember the struggles women face and honour the accomplishments they have made.

In honour of this day, ELLE South Africa has compiled a list of inspirational quotes from phenomenal women around the globe: http://www.elle.co.za/celebrating-international-womens-day/

ELLE South Africa_InternationalWomensDay


ELLE US Impact2 Award in New York City

You could almost hear the sound of crickets – but only because crickets were the winning ingredient in the genius behind the business honored with the « ELLE Impact2 Award »**.  Presented in NYC on January 26th by ELLE US, along with Le Comptoir de l’Innovation and CALSO, the award aims to help a female entrepreneur’s business grow.

Rose Wang, CEO of Six Foods, took home this first-ever award in the US, after having presented her project to the jury along with three other projects (Atikus, a micro finance firm that facilitates loans to underserved people around the world; JadeTribe, a handmade handbag maker; Water Collective, a water conservancy company).

After the remaining 8 participating editions of ELLE present their awards nationally, Ms. Wang and the 8 other finalists will meet in Paris to compete for the grand prize at IMPACT2, an international event on social entrepreneurship, on April 7th, 2016.

Until then, and as quoted by Rose Wang, « Bug Appétit ».

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 26: Robbie Myers (L) attends the ELLE U.S. Impact Awards at Hearst Tower on January 26, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for ELLE)

** ELLE Impact2 for Women : An International Award for Female Social Entrepreneurship

9 editions of ELLE along with the investment firm Le Comptoir de l’Innovation have joined forces to promote women entrepreneurs. Each of the editions will be holding a local competition to award one woman-led business or a business dedicated to female empowerment. The 9 semi-finalists will come to Paris to compete for the final grand prize, the “ELLE Impact2 Award” at the IMPACT2 ceremony on April 7th, 2016.

The award is aimed at encouraging and supporting effectively a :

  • woman-led or female-empowerment dedicated entreprise
  • viable business model
  • social entreprise that is bringing innovative solutions to major social, societal and environmental issues
  • social entreprise in launch phase or pre-development stage (in test period having convinced a number of customers, OR the service or product has already been sold but entreprise has growth potential. 

The participating ELLE editions (listed below) will lend their support by covering the projects editorially and providing mentoring to the winners :

  • France
  • USA
  • Belgium 
  • Canada
  • India
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • UK


Here is a ‘Who’s Who’…

Le Comptoir de l’Innovation

One of the leading social investment companies operating in France and the US, promoting and investing in the development of social enterprises worldwide.

Impact2 – through the Comptoir de l’Innovation, the Impact2 Forum is a cycle of international events engaging business leaders, policymakers and financial institutions dedicated to the promotion of social entrepreneurship worldwide. For the last 4 years, the Comptoir de l’Innovation has gathered more than 1500 decision makers from more than 50 countries in City Hall of Paris.

An award for ELLE Women in Society in Japan

The Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards, which honor the most outstanding achievements of communications professionals in their respective fields, announced the 2015 winners. ELLE Women in Society, the event encouraging working women in Japan, was selected as the winner for the fashion and beauty category. Congrats ELLE Japan!




ELLE Impact2 Award

In April 2015, ELLE France and Le Comptoir de l’Innovation co-operated to design and launch the ELLE IMPACT² AWARD, a unique award dedicated to female social entrepreneurship. The first edition took place in France and rewarded a female social entrepreneur during the Impact² ceremony in the Paris City Hall.
This year, for the second edition, the award gets international!
Female entrepreneurs from all around the world will be rewarded and portrayed by ELLE magazine. National competitions will be driven in nine countries: Belgium, Canada, France, India, Italy, South Africa, Sweden, UK and USA.
All the national finalists will meet in Paris in April 2016 for the 5th Impact² Ceremony, and an outstanding award will be granted to one Laureate chosen among them.
Find out more on: http://www.impact2elle.com/

ELLE Australia: Women Who Made An Impact In 2015

Find out the ELLE Australia’s list of powerful and influential women who’ve made a difference this year: http://www.elle.com.au/news/zeitgeist/2015/12/women-who-made-an-impact-in-2015/women-who-made-an-impact-in-2015-image-1/

ELLE Women in Society in Japan, 2nd edition!

WIS 2015Following the great success of the 1st edition, the ELLE Women in Society event was back in Japan!

On Saturday June 13, 2015, ELLE Japon hosted the second edition of “Women in Society” forum. The event took place at Roppongi Academyhills, attracting over 1000 women.

This one-day forum aims at supporting working women, featuring local and international guests, such as the host Olivia Palermo.

ELLE readers could join for free the 20 seminars and workshops organised for them, on subjects such as “Leadership and Career development”, “Women in Digital”, or evn practical Fashion and Beauty tips for working women.

WIS 2015_3

Take a glance at the event here:


ELLE South Africa_July 2015The United Nations fifteen-year development program, launched in 2000, came to a close on Monday 6 of July with the organisation’s final report, and the gender equality results don’t look good.

Find out more on the ELLE South Africa’s website: http://www.elle.co.za/un-goals-what-women-need-to-know/


ELLE Women in Society event in Taiwan

ELLE Women in Society

Following the “Happiness Index” initiative, launched by ELLE in 2014 worldwide, ELLE Taiwan launched a one-day event ” Women in Society“.

The event took place on December 6th 2014 in Tapei, and it gathered nearly 1200 persons.

Specifically designed for women, the event core was based on balancing Career development, Financial health and Interpersonal relationships, and it included celebrities forum sessions, and tutorials and demonstrations.

You will find here below the highlights of the Women in Society day:


“Women in Society” in Japan!

ELLE Japon Celebrates its 25th Anniversary by Hosting Event to Encourage Working Women!

10439431_729112647131764_3723931229153776347_nOn Saturday June 14, ELLE Japon hosted the first ever “Women in Society” talk show event to celebrate the magazine’s 25th anniversary. The event took place at Roppongi Academyhills, attracting over 500 women. ELLE Japon editor-in-chief Kaori Tsukamoto introduced the event by saying, “People may be surprised at ELLE Japon hosting such an event. One of the missions of ELLE magazine, which began in France after the Second World War, was to join forces with readers to show women ways to master employment, marriage and childbirth. This event continues that tradition.”

Women at the forefront of a range of fields from both Japan and overseas came together in the auditorium of the main venue to discuss women’s working lives and lifestyles from different perspectives. Staff from ELLE Japon, ELLE ONLINE and ELLE Shop as well as sponsor companies facilitated workshops on various aspects of women’s working lifestyles, such as workplace fashion and makeup techniques. ELLE archives including the first French edition and other items of interest were on display, fostering a lively atmosphere.

The inaugural edition of ELLE was launched in France in 1945 as a magazine supporting employment and social advancement for women who wanted to make their own choices. This was the same year that women in France earned the right to vote. ELLE Japon, inheriting the ELLE vision to “open your appetites!” will continue to empower women with initiatives focusing on the theme of “women and work.”

Quotes about “Women in Society” (in order of appearance, summarized)

Believe in yourself. Be open to the world.”
Adriana Carneiro Ribeiro, Vice-President, LCV Quality, Renault S.A.S.

It’s important to have a sound business model. I think cool business judgment is extremely important (for social initiatives as well).”
Emmy Suzuki Harris, Campaigns Director Japan, change.org

I try to use data to demonstrate growth (to sustain motivation).”
Reina Otsuka, Founder and CEO, eco+waza, Japan

In Japan, 90% of children who are unable to live with their parents live in a facility for infants, or in an orphanage. It’s insane. Children have a right to have a family.”
Kanae Doi, Japan Director, Human Rights Watch

To actively participate in the world, you need to learn to:
Be confident, be curious and share different experiences.”
Valérie Toranian, Editor-in-chief of the French edition of ELLE magazine

Hone your own individual skills, power up your communication, accustom yourself to an environment of diversity.”
Yukio Tomikura, Chief Editor, COURRiER Japon

I juggle child-raising with my husband and my work.”
Yuka Itaya, Actress

A base that feels like skin. Eyes that show purpose. That’s makeup for success.”
RIKA, Makeup artist

My hope is that we can all value ourselves, not for the value society places on us – but for our unique knowledge, experiences and gifts.”
Cameron Russell, Top model and founder of Interrupt magazine

Because life has become so convenient (with smartphones and so on), you really need to be careful about how you use your time. Such as setting a time after which you don’t check your email…It helps in maintaining a good work/life balance too.”
Naho Kono, Executive Officer, Rakuten

People say that being a woman is a disadvantage, but I think you’re blessed if you think you’re lucky to be a woman! Sometimes, you may think you got an important assignment because you are a woman, but it is better to step up with a positive attitude.”
Yukiko Muto, President, OpenTable K.K.

What I want to say is ‘Say no to compromise!’ You’ll always regret making compromises.”
Miki Iwamura, CMO of Google Japan, Marketing Director for Asia Pacific at Google

A very successful 1st edition!

Find out here a short report video of the event:

ELLE Japan special event on Women in Society!

Major Seminar Supporting Working Women to Celebrate ELLE Japon’s 25th Anniversary – 500 guests to Roppongi Academyhills on Saturday June 14

WIS logo JapanSince ever, ELLE pages have always carried the message that it was important for women to be confident and to participate actively in society.

As part of the celebrations of ELLE’s 25 years in Japan and in keeping with this message, ELLE Japon will host the seminar “Women in Society” in support of working women on Saturday June 14 at Roppongi Academyhills.

Numerous guests, both local and international, will speak in support of women. Prominent speakers will include Victoria’s Secret model Cameron Russell, a social activist whose TED Talk caused quite a stir, the Editor-in-chief of the French edition of ELLE Valerie Toranian, active business people from companies such as Renault, Rakuten and Google, and social entrepreneurs.

As a part of this anniversary initiative, the June issue of ELLE Japon, available from Monday April 28, features brilliant, vibrant women from around the world who are passionate about their work. ELLE remains committed to supporting women who live their lives with an avid sense of curiosity.

A special website commemorating the 25th anniversary of ELLE Japon launches on Wednesday, June 4. In addition to an ELLE magazine retrospective, archived content from ELLE France edition and messages from young creators from around the world will be supplemented by anniversary year event news and other information to add a frisson of excitement to this significant anniversary year.