Special covers: Thank you!

Thank You! Some editions have created special covers to highlight inspiring stories that reinforce the power of community and that every effort counts.

ELLE UK’s digital cover The Other Front Line focuses on the journeys and hardships endured by essential workers today. This story uniquely features everyday heroes such as teachers, supermarket workers, delivery drivers, the list goes on. To honor their strength and bravery, readers nominated these women and interviews were held to hear their stories first hand.

“My hope is that people come out of this having learnt to recognise what nurses, shopkeepers packing shelves and everyone who has given their labour through this pandemic has done.”Georgia Haymen, North Kensington.

ELLE France gave similar praise to all of the essential workers with their special cover MERCI. Acknowledging the efforts of those who continue to work through the pandemic is crucial in these times, so thank you to our ELLE team for materializing these sentiments.

Photographer Mitch Feinberg helps hand sanitizer production by donating ”ELLE” prop styling bottles

Upon hearing the call to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, craft distilleries in the USA are introducing a new addition to their line-up of gins, whiskeys and rums: hand sanitizer.

This “golden” product has been almost impossible to get your hands on in stores lately. In fact, many distilleries are giving away hand sanitizer for free.

The distilleries using the ingredients recommended by the World Health Organisation have been struggling to find plastic containers to bottle-up the product. Our regular contributor, photographer Mitch Feinberg, has participated in this national effort by giving the hundreds of bottles, used to feature the winning products for our ELLE International Beauty Awards 2020, to the Litchfield Distillery in Connecticut.

Quarantine talks with the editors

During this uncertain time, ELLE’s editors share their personal journeys with us to help nurture the community and provide support. Personal anecdotes and advice are offered, as well as open Q+As with the readers. ELLE Netherlands has done an immense job creating an open Q+A platform on Instagram called Quarantine Talks. Not only do many of their team members give us a play-by-play of their day, but they also invite readers to send them questions via messenger. Readers are encouraged to ask them ‘anything’, and responses are posted on their story.
ELLE Spain shares similar wisdom with their Quarantine Diaries. Editors individually take us through in depth narratives full of personal reflections, their accounts of how the virus has impacted daily life, plus general messages of encouragement.

“What more do I want? All that I deserve.” Those are the words to the readers of ELLE Italy.

ELLE Italy thought to give an answer to this question by asking it’s readers to participate in an ambitious project : “Cosa voglio di più ?” – What more do I want ? A big editorial survey to understand what are the desires and ambitions of women.

In further details, this analysis will be done throughout the year by using online surveys and open comparisons on social media, and through ELLE’s pages with interviews, in-depth discussions with experts and appointments.

The results of the survey and the online observatory on the issues that matter most to women, will give a postcard of the future in which women and their goals will become the protagonists and which each month will be the starting point from which ELLE will begin to deepen the feminine themes through its pages.

These questions will be further examined during the 4th edition of Elle Active from 9 to 10 November 2019 in Milan.

Find out more on ELLE Italy’s website: https://www.elle.com/it/magazine/women-in-society/a26589511/cosa-sognano-donne-futuro/

Women4Climate: 3rd edition in 2019

This past February, under the gilded ceilings of Paris’ Town Hall, women mayors, business leaders and innovators from around the world were given center stage on climate action and the urgent role awaiting women. It was the 3rd annual Women4Climate conference and ELLE International, a founding partner of the initiative along with L’Oréal, had front row seats for the action.

Spawning from an idea to empower and inspire women in climate action, Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris along with former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg launched Women4Climate in 2016, an offshoot of the C40 group – one of the most influential global organizations for cities and climate – to support women mayors around the world advancing for the climate. Why mayors? Because they lead cities, and even though cities only account for less than two percent of the earth’s surface, they consume 78 percent of the world’s energy and are responsible for over 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.  According to Mayor Hidalgo, women must be a part of the policy-making around the climate: “In order to tackle climate change, we need more women in leadership positions.”

Then in 2018, Women4Climate launched the ‘Tech Challenge’, an international competition for women innovators of climate projects. Rounding up the contestants and their projects in Paris during the conference in February, Inna Braverman, founder of Eco Wave Power and Elodie Grimoin, founder of Urban Canopee, were chosen as the two laureates during a ceremony hosted by ELLE & ELLE Decoration International Director, Valéria Bessolo Llopiz.

It’s safe to say that the future of the planet lies in the hands of our cities, and our youth.

Women4Climate: https://w4c.org/

Women4Climate Tech Challenge: https://w4c.org/tech-challenge

Women4Climate Tech Challenge / winning projects: https://w4c.org/tech-challenge/paris-tel-aviv-yafo-2019

The 3rd Annual Women4Climate Conference on February 21st 2019 in Paris, France © Sarah Bastin

ELLE Women in Society Japan: 6th edition in 2019!

For the 6th consecutive year, on June 15th, ELLE Japan successfully hosted the ELLE Women in Society event, in Tokyo at Shibuya Hikarie. Through this one-day forum, ELLE Japan aims to encourage the success of women in Japan by helping them to realize their potential, to improve their performance and by supporting them to achieve work-life balance.

Themed “New era for women in a new world”, ELLE Women in Society conducted its sixth event, which is now one of the largest in Japan. Against the backdrop of our current world which faces acceleration in globalisation, changes in technologies including AI, and many social issues such as the declining birthrate and growing proportion of elderly people, the event proposed “attitude toward working” to the women of today.

Guest speakers currently active as leaders in various fields took the stage and gave special seminars. A wide variety of workshops were also offered, from lessons on applying makeup to improve your likeability, “smile lessons” in facial yoga, running sessions, and kick boxing exercise. A total of over 2,500 working women took part in the event, ending with a networking party.

This year also marked the 30th anniversary of the launch of ELLE in Japan, and a special kiosk with a row of archives had been settled. 

Once again, this 6th edition of ELLE Women in Society has been really enriching and inspiring. And rendez-vous is already set for 2020!

Find out more on ELLE Women in Society Japan here: https://www.elle.com/jp/culture/career/g27939511/elle-women-in-society-2019-report19-0615/

ELLE Active China, 4th edition

On June 2nd 2019 has been held the 4th edition of the ELLE Active Forum in China. A one-day event with a forum, 7 workshops and ELLE Fit sessions, gathering Chinese elite women to express ideas and opinions, to bring inspiration in private life, work life and society in general.
1500 women attended this inspiring event, at Shanghai Tower.

ELLE Active France: 8th edition in Paris!

More than 3,500 participants attended the 8th edition of the ELLE Active forum which took place on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 March in Paris, at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE).

The program: two days of conferences with major interviews, debates, political interviews, workshops and one-to-one sessions…

Re-live in 45 images these two inspiring days: https://www.elle.fr/Elle-Active/Actualites/Revivez-le-forum-ELLE-Active-Paris-2019-en-images

ELLE USA: New survey on gender gap

A new survey in the US, published by TIME, says almost half of men think women just ‘made up’ the gender pay gap… a surprising result on Equal Pay Day, the date that represents how much longer women have had to work to make as much money as men did the year before.

Find out details on ELLE US’ website: https://www.elle.com/culture/career-politics/a27019588/equal-pay-day-gender-gap-survey-time/