Special covers: Thank you!

Thank You! Some editions have created special covers to highlight inspiring stories that reinforce the power of community and that every effort counts.

ELLE UK’s digital cover The Other Front Line focuses on the journeys and hardships endured by essential workers today. This story uniquely features everyday heroes such as teachers, supermarket workers, delivery drivers, the list goes on. To honor their strength and bravery, readers nominated these women and interviews were held to hear their stories first hand.

“My hope is that people come out of this having learnt to recognise what nurses, shopkeepers packing shelves and everyone who has given their labour through this pandemic has done.”Georgia Haymen, North Kensington.

ELLE France gave similar praise to all of the essential workers with their special cover MERCI. Acknowledging the efforts of those who continue to work through the pandemic is crucial in these times, so thank you to our ELLE team for materializing these sentiments.

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