Women4Climate Paris

Last May, Anne Hidalgo – Mayor of Paris and President of C40-Cities – encouraged parisian women to run for candidates to become “Climat heroines”. On October 16th, the names of the ones who will get concretely involved for climat have been revealed. They will be between 400 to 500 worldwide to take up the same challenge. All of them will be metored by women who already have successed in removing the barriers. You will discover here the 10 young French women who will embark in this adventure: http://www.elle.fr/Societe/L-actu-en-images/Women4Climate-decouvrez-qui-sont-les-heroines-du-climat


One of them, Anna Filipova – a photojournalist working on climate change and pollution – will be mentored by ValĂ©ria Bessolo Llopiz, International Director of ELLE: http://www.elle.fr/Societe/L-actu-en-images/Women4Climate-decouvrez-qui-sont-les-heroines-du-climat/Anna-Filipova-MG-3309-SARAHBASTINok

Find out more on Anna Filipova: http://www.anfilip.com/

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