ELLE Active Forum 2017, France


This year the ELLE Active annual French Forum took place from March 24 to March 25 2017 in Paris with the special theme about “Re-enchanting the power” in business. If you are an active business women there is few helpful tips you need to know such as how to ask for a raise, how to create your own company, how to ‘brand’ yourself, how to develop your network, and lot of other tricks to boost your professional career.

Just as in previous years, the forum was a way of optimising women’s careers and encouraging their professional aspirations, but with this particular perspective of enchanting power in the business world.


And this year, once again, public figures and ambassadors attended the event such as Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, a French politician, Fleur Pellerin, a French businesswoman and a former civil servant, Laurence Rossignol, member of the French Senate, and large other company executives.

The 3 500 guests were welcomed to participate to 100 workshops and masterclasses and over 1000 mentoring sessions one on one organised with the help of 300 experts such as coaches, psychologists, researchers and business executives.

As well as the general discussions that took place, guests were welcomed to talk with career experts from across the board, at eleven different stands. Each station was dedicated to a topic about POWER in business, covering everything from conciliation, prospecting to creation, connection and anticipation.


See some highlights from the event by following the link below: http://www.elle.fr/Societe/Le-travail/Reussir-au-boulot/ELLE-Active-a-Paris-la-journee-en-direct-rien-que-pour-vous-3459137

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