ELLE Active Forum 2016, Paris


Fast forward yourself to 2026 and all kinds of questions come to mind; will we be overrun by robots at work? Will we live on our phones? Will we all talk in code? Of course these are exaggerations but the idea of a digital revolution is something we are experiencing now and it is only going to continue to develop, in turn providing women with more opportunities in the workplace.

It was this revolution that inspired the theme for this year’s ELLE Active forum, held in Paris over the 8th and 9th April: “How will we women all work in ten years?”.
ELLE-Active-2016 Amphi 2Just as in previous years, the forum was a way of optimising women’s careers and encouraging their professional aspirations, but with this particular perspective.
The 3,500 guests who attended over the two day event were invited to project themselves ten years into the future to consider how the digital revolution will affect women in work.
With help from 300 experts – public figures and speakers – including Constance Benqué, CEO of ELLE France & International, Mehdi Khoubbane, General Director of l’Oréal Paris, Nicolas Moreau, General Manager of AXA France or Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State in charge of Digital, attendees were given an insight into the working world of tomorrow.

ELLE-Active-2016 cornerAs well as the general discussions that took place in the amphitheatre, guests were welcomed to talk with career experts from across the board, at twelve different stations. Each station was dedicated to a topic, covering everything from dressing appropriately and stylishly for work, to learning how to develop a business venture.

See some highlights from the event by following the link below:

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