ELLE UK & The Feminism issue


Couv 2013In British ELLE’s November 2013 issue, a ground-breaking and thought-provoking creative project was launched : “Rebranding Feminism,” which opened the debate on the subject of feminism.

By calling upon three award winning ad agencies & three leading feminist groups to collaborate and “rebrand” the feminist movement, the ELLE-led campaign’s goal was to re-imagine the movement for today, and illustrate why feminism is not just relevant today, but increasingly critical.

This gracious collaboration culminated in three distinct concepts, each one focusing on a crucial aspect of modern feminism :

The Rebranding Feminism project ran both in the print version of ELLE and on the website, garnered strong presence on various social media platforms and also included a reader-attended debate (http://www.elleuk.com/fashion/what-to-wear/elle-rebranding-feminism-debate-mother-london-lorraine-candy-ruby-tandoh-vagenda), inciting women to answer the questions:

  • What should feminism stand for in 2013
  • What does it mean to women today
  • Is it relevant to them
  • What do they need/expect from it

Throughout the year, articles were dedicated to the theme and VIP dinners (ELLE Influencer Dinner) with industry insiders were organized to continue the debate on and off the pages of the magazine.  (http://www.elleuk.com/fashion/celebrity-style/elle-launches-influencer-dinners)

Couv 2014

And thus the December 2014 Feminism Issue issue was born :   (http://www.elleuk.com/now-trending/feminism-magazine-issue-special-december-2014)

And the conversation continues, as British ELLE tackles the topic of Confidence in their January 2015 issue…

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