Touche Pas à Ma Pote, by ELLE Belgium

Impression“Zero tolerance for racism is great, how about the equally crucial battle: zero tolerance for sexism. Challenging people, getting them talking and thinking, and gently getting things moving, that’s where we come in.” –Beatrice Ercolini, Editor-in-Chief, ELLE Belgium

WHAT? Originally a campaign speaking out against street harassment and everyday sexism, TPAMP was launched by ELLE Belgium and rapidly evolved into a full-fledged independent Non-profit, headquartered in Europe’s capital. Today, it enjoys the support of many committed women including three ministers.

WHY? Because street harassment and rampant sexist attitudes is a violent thing, and we can’t let women fight this enormous wave of violence alone. This is why TPMAP advocates awareness campaigns (or runs them!), educational efforts, special sanctions, and advocates for laws against sexism.

HOW? Borrowing that iconic little yellow hand from a French mid-80’s anti-racism campaign (SOS Racism) was no random choice. This icon positions our campaign from the get-go:  we’re talking zero tolerance for sexism, just like zero tolerance for racism. The Non-profit has now gone national with its own Dutch slogan “Handen af! Stop seksime.”

And yet, several victories

Capture d’écran 2014-03-05 à 19.22.53

Since its inception, the “Touche Pas A Ma Pote” Association has advocated four things:

–  Awareness towards women victimized by harassment and awareness of perpetuators of harassment.

–  Educational campaigns, because today’s kids are tomorrow’s adults.

–  Sanctions for offenders because, despite being nowhere near tough enough, they do help get the message through.

–  Legislation, since existing laws to curb racism forbid you from calling me a filthy chink but there is no legislation in place to punish those who call a woman a ho, in the street.

Here is what has been accomplished in one year.

“Our objective is to fight public harassment and step out against every day, rampant sexism. Let’s do something about it because it is all around us, in the workplace and in our very city streets. And for goodness’ sake, let’s stop lowering our gaze.”

Beatrice Ercolini, Editor-in-Chief, ELLE Belgium

Belgium FR :

Belgium FL :

*Dutch, like French is one of the most-spoken, official languages in Belgium.

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