“What more do I want? All that I deserve.” Those are the words to the readers of ELLE Italy.

ELLE Italy thought to give an answer to this question by asking it’s readers to participate in an ambitious project : “Cosa voglio di più ?” – What more do I want ? A big editorial survey to understand what are the desires and ambitions of women. In further details, this analysis will be done […]
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25 Inspiring And Empowering Feminist Quotes

Fighting the patriarchy can be a tiresome slog. So it’s helpful, every once in a while, to turn to Michelle Obama/Gloria Steinem/Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie et al, for some inspirational messaging to get you through it: https://www.elle.com/uk/life-and-culture/g28422487/feminist-quotes/  

ELLE Active China, 4th edition

On June 2nd 2019 has been held the 4th edition of the ELLE Active Forum in China. A one-day event with a forum, 7 workshops and ELLE Fit sessions, gathering Chinese elite women to express ideas and opinions, to bring inspiration in private life, work life and society in general. 1500 women attended this inspiring […]
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ELLE USA: New survey on gender gap

A new survey in the US, published by TIME, says almost half of men think women just ‘made up’ the gender pay gap… a surprising result on Equal Pay Day, the date that represents how much longer women have had to work to make as much money as men did the year before. Find out […]
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ELLE Women in Society in Vietnam

ELLE Vietnam regularly organise the ELLE Women in Society event, a half-day forum in Ha Noï, for Vietnamese women. For this March 23rd 2019 edition, ELLE partnered with Nike and GEM Center to organise talks, workshops and a network session. Find out more about this inspiring event here: https://www.elle.vn/hoat-dong-cua-elle/elle-women-in-society-ve-dep-moi  

ELLE UK: 4 Editors On The Outfit That Most Empowers Them At Work

Whether you have an important meeting that you want to ace or are simply looking to gain a confidence boost from your everyday wardrobe, discovering your signature style is key. For a bit of 9-5 inspo, four ELLE UK editors reveal how they dress when they mean business: https://www.elle.com/uk/fashion/a26565876/4-elle-editors-on-the-outfit-that-most-empowers-them-at-work/  

ELLE USA: A Day in the Life of Women Around the World

Today is International Women’s Day. a global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. In honor of this day, ELLE.com asked women from 19 different countries to film one day in their lives. Watch it now:

ELLE Active Italy: 3rd edition in Milan

On 10 and 11 November 2018 was held the 3rd edition of the ELLE Active Forum in Milan, at the Bicocca University. With 6,000 participants, 420 speakers, 2 days of talks, meetings, workshops: it was a success! Find out more about the event on ELLE Italy’s website: https://www.elle.com/it/magazine/women-in-society/g25084603/ella-active-2018-forum-lavoro-femminile/

Mexico: ELLE Working Girls Day 2018

The fifth edition of the ELLE Working Girls Day has been held on November 9th, in Mexico. A one-day event bringing together experts and young women with the goal of helping them to become outstanding in their professional lives.

When Michelle Obama Met Oprah!

In ELLE USA December issue, two of the most powerful women on the planet discuss the release of Mrs Obama’s memoir, Becoming. Resulting in a candid and moving conversation on career mistakes, marriage counselling and why hope is more important now than ever.